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Intensive Learning Experiences
The Art Students League of New York Presents

Larry Lee & Janice Edelman
iPad—A Complete Art Studio the Size of a Sketchbook

5-Days, Monday - Friday, Evening 
Second Week in August 12-16, 2024. 
Fee: $504.70

There will be a live model on the last 2 days.

Register Here

iPad is the amazing sketchbook-sized tablet that has become a viable alternate medium that duplicates many traditional drawing and painting techniques. Professional artists/illustrators are already delivering their work for publication, on line, without leaving their studios. You can print your art on a conventional color printer, send away for giclée prints or connect your tablet to an inexpensive digital projector, and project your ideas to paper or canvas. This workshop will help you understand digital drawing and painting, and in the process, help develop your personal style. 

Applicants must provide their own iPad (Any model made 2018 or later), Apple pencil, and purchase the Procreate app ($12.99 US Dollars) from Apple's App Store.

LARRY LEE-An early adopter of Photoshop since 1990, has been responsible for creating spot illustrations for Scholastic Publications, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, digital illustrations for Popular Science Magazine, and 3D product designs for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

JANICE EDELMAN-LEE-designer/illustrator and teacher of digital art at High School of Art and Design.
215 West 57 St, New York, NY 10019 • 212-247-4510

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All iPAD Models made after March 27, 2018 are compatible!

The only usable pencils are:

• Apple Pencil 1

• Apple Pencil 2

Do not buy the Apple Pencil USB-C)!!

Otherwise, any Model of iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro manufactured after 2018 can be used. It is important to get the right Apple Pencil for the specific model you purchase, as long as the choice is either the Apple Pencil 1 or the Apple Pencil 2.

Many current models sell for $120 to $140 less as refurbished models. 

You may get refurbished models from:—Limited selection of current and discontinued models, not as generous in savings, but they have the best 12-month warranty.—Their term for refurbished is "Renewed." A wide selection of current and discontinued models. They have 90-day warranty.—A wide selection of current and discontinued models. They do not carry Apple Pencils. They have 30-day warranty.

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